Spherical marble bowl


This bowl is one of my personal favorites :-) 

I made it with a dark blue and a white clay. It reveals a marble pattern on the outside. The edge is hand painted in a 24 gloss gold and since the edge is a bit thicker then my other bowl you'll have more gold :-) 

It's made in a spherical mold so it's a bit wobbly but it's meant that way. It's amusing to watch. 

It has the size of a bowl to serve a delicious humus or creamy soup as an amuse. Let me know what you served in it! 

Material: Clay (Blue and white) 

Foodsafe glaze 

Not suitable for a microwave oven due to gold. 

Every bowl is different, the marble pattern is unique, every single time. 

Dimensions: D:10,5 cm H 4,8 cm approx