Pots and plates workshop


This is a public workshop.
You can come as an individual or with some friends.
The first date is in november and the second one in december. You can pick up your work the week after. Right on time to put your creation on you christmastable or as a gift for someone under the tree. 
What can you expect:
2 classes:

First class: 2,5 hours class where I'll explain briefly the process of pottery. Next we'll hand build a tapas plate. With the rest of the clay we'll make one or more pinch pot(s) and a deco for in your christmastree.
Don't worry I'll explain what a pinch pot is if you have no clue what I'm talking about :)  This class is like yoga for the mind, only you and the clay, your creative moment together with your friends, family or colleagues.
Your creations will dry for a couple of weeks on my shelves and I'll fire them in my kiln (oven for those who don't know what a kiln is :-))

Second class: We'll meet again in my atelier after +/- 5 weeks to glaze your plates and bowls, this class will take 1,5 hours. You can choose from a lot of glazing colors, and you can work with all my pencils and brushes. You'll give your creative spirit a boost while "painting" on your handmade plate or bowls. 
Your glazed pieces will be fired in my studio and once they're ready you can pick them up in my studio right in time for christmas 
You do not need to have any experience with pottery or clay. It's a beginners class.

Kerkplein 7 Grimbergen
Around the corner and for free

120 euros per person for the whole experience. Clay, material, firings and glazes. Drinks are on me :-) 
Come alone or with some friends or family.