Open Atelier


I’m opening my studio for 8 lucky creatives!

Build up: We'll get to know each other very well during 4 dates ;-) 

Date 1: We’ll have a drink together while I’m giving you a tour in my atelier. I’ll explain you briefly the process of pottery, during the tour and during the 4 dates you can ask me anything. I'll teach during the first date and during the other dates i'm around to help you out, to answer your questions, to give you feedback on your techniques,...

We'll hand build a plate and a bowl together, while making these i'll explain other techniques to make other creations like a vase, espresso cups, mugs, deep bowls,... 

Next you'll have a lot of time left to make your own creations. And you can dive in my literature in my studio to be inspired about what to make during your own ceramics adventure for the coming sessions. 

We'll say goodbye but not before I give you your very own DIY package. With a couple of kilos of clay and a lot of material you can continue at home. 

Date 2: You can bring your creations from home and work on them or you can continue on your work from date 1 or you make new items during this class of 2,5 hours. We'll work with black clay and i'll learn you the Kurinuki method. 

Date 3: You can bring your creations from home and work on them or you can continue working on your work from date 1 and 2 or you make new items during this class of 2,5 hours . We'll work with a speckled clay and work with the slab roller. 

Date 4: All of your work is fired once at 960 degrees by now, so we'll hold a glazing party. A glass of wine and a lot of glazing colors to add the finishing touch at your work. 

2 weeks later all of your work is glazed and ready to be picked up. 

Pricing: 220 euros per person for the whole experience. Clay, material, firings, glazes and DIY (do it yourself) package.

Hours: 10 hours spread over 4 dates + DIY hours 

Material: all included + DIY package 

Drinks: on me 😊

Location: Kerkplein 7 Grimbergen

Parking: around the corner and for free 

Talent: This workshop is accessible for everyone, you do not need any pottery skills.

Places are limited up to 8 persons. You can come as a group, with your best friend, mother, lover or as an individual. The workshop will be given in Dutch.

Timing Fridaymorning:

Date 1: 03/04 : 10H00 - 12H30 

Date 2: 24/04: 10h00 - 12H30 

Date 3: 08/0510h00 - 12H30 

Date 4: 19/06 10h00 - 12H30  Glazing party  

Timing Wednesdayevening : FULLY BOOKED

Date 1: 19/02 Start 7PM30 

Date 2: 04/03 Start 7PM30

Date 3: 11/03 Start 7PM30

Date 4 : Glazing party 22/04 Start 7PM30