Lobster bowls


These two spherical bowls match perfectly together. Just like Phoebe said in Friends, lobsters fall in love and mate for life, well these bowls are made for each other. 

The big bowl has the size of a medium fruitbowl and is perfect to serve pasta, rice or bread for the whole family. The little one will be the well thought detail on your table. It's the same bowl as the big one but a lot smaller. It's a wobbly bowl but it's meant that way. Perfect to put some fleur de sel in with a nice wooden spoon. You'll directly have two eye catchers on your table. 

They are not perfectly round because I prefer to have perfect imperfection :-) 


Big one: L 22 cm & H10 cm

Small one: L 10,5cm & H 4,5cm

Material: clay 

Foodsafe and lead-free glazes

Dishwasher and microwave proof 

(Side note: Phoebe told a lie, lobsters don't mate for life but these bowls are :-))