Golden espresso cup


This cup has the size of a tapenade bowl but it would be lovely to drink your espresso or small coffee from it. 

I glazed the bowl inside and outside partially with a transparant glaze. There where the glaze stops on the outside I hand painted a 24K gloss golden line, it's not a perfect straight line but hey it's handmade. The rest of this small cup is in raw clay but fired to 1250 degrees so it will not absorb water. 

Material: Clay 

Foodsafe glaze 

Dimensions: D 8,5 cm H 4,8 cm Approx 

Dishwasher isn't recommended due to gold but it can go in the dishwasher if you would prefer, I put mine all the time. 

Picture can differ from the cup you buy, every piece is unique.  The golden line can be thick, thin, on the upper half or below.