As from July 2019 I'm offering workshops at your home.



What can you expect? 
2 classes: 
First class: 2,5 hours class where I'll explain briefly the process of pottery. Next we'll hand build a set of 2 tapas plates or 2 octopus plates. With the rest of the clay we'll make one or more pinch pot(s). This class is like yoga for the mind, only you and the clay, your creative moment together with your friends, family or colleagues.
I'll take your creations back to my studio and after drying a couple of weeks I will fire them once. 
Second class: We'll meet again at your place after 5 weeks to glaze your plates and bowls, this class will take 1,5 hours. I'll bring several glazing colors, brushes and pencils. You'll give your creative spirit a boost while "painting" on your handmade plate or pot. 
I'll take it back to my studio and fire it again. Once they're ready I'll send you your creations separately, together with a souvenir of our workshop. 
You'll need a bit of space and a large (flat) table. We can do this workshop inside or outside. It's not the cleanest workshop ever but neither the dirtiest. If you would like to do it outside it's best to have a bit of shadow since the clay would dry too fast in the sun. Inside would be perfect also, i'll bring a plastic tablecloth to protect your table. 
I'll provide all the material for both classes. Just tell your friends that they don't need to wear designer clothes or a lovely manicure :-) An apron would be nice to wear so I'll bring those also. 
Ideal for this workshop is a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 people (incl. yourself).
You do not need to have any experience with pottery or clay. I can give the workshop in Dutch, French or English whatever suits the group. 
Anywhere any place
85 euros per person for the whole experience. Clay, material, firings, glazes and of course your very own creations send to your home address included. Drinks are on you :-)
If you would like to set a date (actually two dates :-)) or you have a question send me an email: