About me

Madly in love with clay. Potter. Daily creative. Starting my own business. I could not have imagined this 10 years ago.

More as 6 years ago I became a mother for the first time and I said farewell to the publicity agency I was working at. I started two things, one freelancing in the publicity world and two to listen more to my gut feeling. My intuition told me to be creative, again. As a child I had the urge to be creative but I never seemed to find the right path. Until I started to work with the wonderful material named clay. A material with so much potential, just waiting for you to be creative. I adore making a bowl, a dish, a serving plate all starting from the same ball of clay. 

In the meantime I became a mother for the second time and things only became clearer, I would love to share this passion with you. 

Here we go! Dive in!