Private group workshop
Private group workshop
Private group workshop
Private group workshop
Private group workshop
Private group workshop

Private group workshop

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You would like to join one of my workshops but you would like to come with your friends only? You would like to thank your family by organising a workshop just for the 6 of you? You would like to have a bacheloretteparty? 

You can book a private group workshop in my Atelier. There are two types of workshop.

The Pots and Plates workshop or The Marble and Bubble workshop

Want to set 2 dates? Yes we will meet each other twice. Once for making the items and 5 weeks later to glaze them. Send me an email at or fill in the contact form on this website. 

Pots and plates workshop: Minimum 6 persons maximum 12 persons 

First class: 2,5 hours class where I'll explain briefly the process of pottery. Next we'll hand build a set of 2 tapas plates. With the rest of the clay we'll make one or more pinch pot(s). Don't worry I'll explain what a pinch pot is if you have no clue what I'm talking about :-)  This class is like yoga for the mind, only you and the clay, your creative moment together with your friends, family or colleagues.
Your creations will dry for a couple of weeks on my shelves and I'll fire them in my kiln (oven for those don't know what a kiln is :-))

Second class: We'll meet again in my atelier after +/- 5 weeks to glaze your plates and bowls, this class will take 1,5 hours. You can choose from a lot of glazing colors, and you can work with all my pencils and brushes. You'll give your creative spirit a boost while "painting" on your handmade plate or bowls. 
Your glazed pieces will be fired in my studio and once they're ready I'll send you your creations separately carefully wrapped to your home address or you can pick them up in my studio.

Marble and bubble workshop: Minimum 4 persons maximum 10 persons 

I’m organizing an exclusive - behind the scenes - and sharing pottery secrets workshop in my studio. Actually two secrets: How to make Marble and Bubble glazed bowls and plates.

Handbuilding plates and pots followed by secret glazing methods 

We’ll meet at my studio in Grimbergen near Brussels. We’ll have a drink together while I’m giving you a tour in my atelier. I’ll explain you briefly the process of pottery and during the tour and workshop you can ask me anything. I’ll share a lot of pottery insights with you ;-)

First class: Together we’ll make organic shaped plates and a couple of pots. At least three pieces, or as many as you can make during this workshop of 3 hours. Believe me you can make a lot during this workshop. 6 coffee cups or 1 giant bowl? It's up to you! 

Second class: 5 weeks later we’ll meet again in my studio for a workshop of 2 hours. We’ll glaze your work with the bubble method of my waterblue collections. Or we’ll glaze it the marble way. Go check out my marbled collection to see the magic or marble glazing. Both methods are not very common so that means I’ll share some secret glazing methods with you! We’ll use any/every colour(s) you would like.



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