Cutlery Bowls

These bowls are made to hold cutlery. 

Put one of these filled with forks, knives and spoons on your table and let your guests serve themselves with what they need. Or put one in your kitchen with wooden spoons to have a natural accent in your kitchen. 

If you are a mom you'll find yourself in what I'm going to tell you now: Your prepared a home cooked meal for your family, everyone is FINALLY seated and served, and then mama can go back to the kitchen for like at least 4 times to get a small spoon for the baby, a blunt knife for the toddler, a big spoon for .... Been there done that, so I made a cutlery bowl which will hold ALL of the tableware you'll need, isn't that smart? :-) So treat yourself, your partner or your mother with one of these and have a nice meal. 

Since they are stoneware you can also use them to plant herbs like basil or coriander in them. 

This collection comes in one shape but in multiple colors. More variations will come soon :-)  

All of the pieces are dishwasher proof.