In 2015 I experienced working with clay for the very first time.
It only took a couple of lessons for me to become addicted to the feeling of creating my very own pieces.
Soon I transformed our garage into a small workshop with a second-hand kiln and turning wheel.
I said farewell to my life as a marketeer and followed my gut feeling to start my own ceramics label.
I am a true autodidact, simply put, I’m stubborn and keep trying until it works.
In 2019 I gave myself and my small garage workshop a promotion and we moved to a light-filled atelier in Grimbergen.

“Today, my everyday focus is to create ceramics for restaurants.

On the side, I create smaller batches for my own shop.

A couple of times a year I open the doors of my atelier for anyone who would like to have a piece of one of my collections. A selection of pieces is also available on my webshop.

I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge and love for ceramics through teaching workshops in my atelier.”


My atelier is my daily workspace, located in a historical building in the center of Grimbergen, near Brussels.
The building had been empty and in renovation for years, but I found the perfect, light-filled spot on the top floor underneath the roof.
Light is key when creating. Hundreds of kilos of clay come up and hundred of finished ceramic pieces go down the elevator every month.

The atelier is open at specific moments, during workshops or by appointment .